Twiniversity Podcast with Natalie Diaz

Common Twin Misconceptions with Twin Expert Nancy Segal

Episode Summary

In this episode, Nat chats with twin expert and Professor of Developmental Psychology and Director of the Twin Studies Center, at California State University, Fullerton, Nancy Segal about her extensive research into the different types of twins and busts common twin myths.

Episode Notes

Nancy Segal Ph.D. has studied twins throughout her career. She is one of the world's leading twin experts and has written about twin bonds and the ramifications of separating twins at birth. 

Twin Mythconceptions: False Beliefs, Fables, and Facts about Twins by Nancy L. Segal, Ph.D. is available for purchase now on and at other fine local retailers.  

You can also purchase her NEW book Deliberately Divided: Inside the Controversial Study of Twins and Triplets Adopted Apart on and at other fine retailers.

To learn more about the book and Nancy’s other twin books, visit Nancy’s website.